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        is Forge for you?

Forge is passionate about good people and good values.

If you value an open culture of Trust, Transparency and Creativity then Forge is for you.

Self-Direction is the name of the game, so don’t apply if you want to be told what to do day in and day out. The freedom-minded culture ensures passionate people drive continuous improvement in serving customers and creating a fantastic end user experience.

People who bring the gifts of Initiative, Imagination and Passion will find they belong at Forge. People who value add to our very transparent and openly collaborative environment. Everyone has access to all the information, and is expected to make decisions based on good judgment of what is best… for the end-user, the company and the brand. The powerful self-managed, self-motivated ethos that underpins this organisation is based on distributed responsibility and accountability within the team itself.

Want Empowerment? You’ll get it at Forge.

This is our mission:

"To help our passionate team members, plumbing contractors, and vendors fulfil their missions, by Moving Fast in an environment of Trust and Transparency."
Always innovating to build in new time saving features, every interested party gets a voice in developing those changes. A love of quality and durability provides you with a great Voltex brand that guarantees performance for life.

So if you think you’d love to ‘operate in an environment of trust and transparency’ and have your own vision for filling out our mission, then please send your resume through to [email protected]. We'd love to hear from you!