AVG Thermostatic Mixing Valve 15mm

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Compression Tee Copper Olive Brass 20mm C x 20mm C
Compression Tee Copper Olive Brass 20mm C x 20mm C
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AVG Thermostatic Mixing Valve 20mm
AVG Thermostatic Mixing Valve 20mm
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AVG Thermostatic Mixing Valve 15mm

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    AS4032.1 Compliant Thermostatic Mixing Valve

    The FORGE™ AVG range of High Performance Thermostatic Mixing Valves are all manufactured and certified to meet the stringent requirements of AS4032.1 Thermostatic Mixing Valves. 

    Watermark and NSW Department approved and comply with Australian standards.

    Unique "Thermal Flush" Disinfecting Function

    The AVG's thermostatic mixing valves have a unique approach to disinfecting and managing the proliferation of legionella bacteria. 

    Its manually selectable "Thermal Flush" function ensures that every single part of your hot water system - including pipes, taps, shower roses, flexible hoses, aerators and filters are exposed to the disinfection process.

    Temperature Range

    One of the most stable and scalding safe mixing valves in the market - AVG's can endure temperatures of 5°C to 25°C on its cold inlets, and 60°C to 90°C on its hot inlet supply. 

    In case the hot water input rises above 90°C, it'd be highly recommendable to install a temperature limiting valve prior to the inlet fittings - in order to avoid any damages to the system. 

    While AVG TMVs can be used in a wide variety of hot water applications, it's mainly designed for temperatures of up to 45°C on its mixing outlet - therefore, it'll achieve its optimal use below this mark.

    Valve Installation

    Appropriate to be installed on AS3500 compliant systems - it's advised for the pipework to be adequately cleaned with water prior to installation, in order to avoid any debris or swarf before the system is installed.

    Ensure the mixing valve is installed in a spot of easy access in order for maintenance or service to be performed. Recommended places are in a wall cavity, under a basin or on a wall. 

    The valve must be installed by a licensed plumber who has completed T.A.F.E training in Thermostatic Mixing Valve installation - as appropriate.


     High performance and suitable for a wide range of applications
     High mixed water temperature stability under varying inlet conditions
     Rapid shut down of mixed outlet flow in the event of hot or cold water supply interruption
     Easily serviced
     Service operating range to as low as 60°C
     Anti Tamper adjustment mechanism

    Fully adjustable from 35⁰ to 45⁰ C
    Wide Inlet Temperature range
    Cold Supply: 5°C - 25°C and Hot Supply: 60°C - 90°C
    Complies with AS/NZS:3500
    Manufactured and tested to AS4032.1
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