TurboBORE  Spade Bit 16mm

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TurboBORE  Spade Bit 13mm
TurboBORE Spade Bit 13mm
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TurboBORE  Spade Bit 20mm
TurboBORE Spade Bit 20mm
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TurboBORE Spade Bit 16mm

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    The ALPHA TurboBORE Spade Bit is engineered for precision and speed. Its double outside spurs ensure cleaner holes with reduced vibration, while the unique twist design enables it to cut faster than standard spade bits. Equipped with a 1/4 Hex Shank for easy attachment, this spade bit is a top choice for efficient and accurate drilling.


      Double outside spurs provide a cleaner hole and reduce vibration
      Unique twist design cuts faster than standard spade bits
     1/4 Hex shank