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Pressure Pumps

Find The Pressure Pump You Need Without Skimping On Quality

When you need a pressure pump for your next job, you want to ensure that the water pump is of high quality and will do the job that it’s designed for. 

That’s why at Forge Plumbing, we only supply the highest-quality pressure pumps so that you can buy with confidence. Plus, our pressure pumps come with a 2-year warranty.

Why It Pays To Buy A High-Quality Pressure Pump

High pressure pumps are used in a variety of applications in domestic, industrial and commercial plumbing systems. These pressure pumps need to be built tough so that they can withstand harsh conditions and high usage.

A pressure pump has the job of increasing the water pressure so that it increases the flow and can produce a jet of water whether you need the water pump for drinking water, grey water, sewerage, wastewater or even rainwater.

The capacity of the pressure pump determines the speed and volume of water that can be moved. For this reason, you want a high-quality pressure pump to ensure that it can do the job that it’s designed for without constant repair and maintenance.

Forge Plumbing Supplies Only Quality WaterBoy Pressure Pumps

At Forge Plumbing, we understand that your time is valuable and you don’t want to waste it by installing an inferior pressure pump. That’s why we only supply quality WaterBoy pressure pumps.

These pressure pumps are made by Bromic who have over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of pressure pumps.

From our range, you can select from one of two WaterBoy Jet pressure pumps.

WaterBoy Jet  Pressure Pump System with Inbuilt PressControl

This pressure pump is made from stainless steel and features an inbuilt PressControl. It’s perfect for domestic pressure systems as well as garden irrigation systems. It has a 60L jet pump with an automatic 3kW pressure switch. 

The water pump is self-priming and is the ideal pump for clear water and any other non-aggressive fluid.

WaterBoy Jet  Pressure Pump System with Inbuilt PressControl and Mains to Rainwater Changeover

This pressure pump is similar to the first one except it has the additional feature of mains to rainwater changeover. The jet pump has a pressure switch that automatically detects when the rainwater tank is empty and switches to using water from the mains.

This water pressure pump is one of the best household pressure pumps for domestic premises that use rainwater from a water tank and also have a mains water supply connection as a backup for when the tank is empty. It is also the ideal pump to be used for irrigation purposes and water features that are connected to both tank and mains water.