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PEX Pipe & Fittings


Discover Our Complete Range Of PEX Pipe & Fittings For Your Plumbing Needs

PEX pipe is a highly-resistant but flexible plastic pipe or hose that requires certain types of fittings or connectors to connect it to other pipes, systems or appliances. Most of the PEX fittings that we stock are brass fittings but we also have some copper fittings.

Many of our PEX fittings require the use of a crimp ring and a crimp tool to connect them effectively to the PEX pipe or hose. There are many benefits to using PEX pipe and fittings.

For example, the PEX pipe or tube is flexible and lightweight. This makes it both easy to carry, transport and work with. We have a full range of PEX piping coils for gas and water installations and the water pipe is suitable for both hot and cold water.

As each PEX fitting is a crimp fitting, you only need a crimping tool to connect it, saving you time and avoiding the need for heat or a flame.

Explore Our Wide Range Of Quality PEX Pipe And PEX Fittings

At Forge Plumbing, we have an extensive range of quality PEX tube or pipe and PEX pipe fittings. These include:

  • Water and gas PEX leak detection elbows
  • Crimp tees
  • Crimp elbows
  • Crimp adaptors
  • Reducing tees
  • Water adaptors
  • Straight couplings
  • Reducing couplings
  • Gas pipe coil
  • Water pipe coil
  • Rainwater pipe coil
  • Recycled water pipe coil

 All of our PEX fittings include a leak detection system that does not need to be reamed during installation. The PEX pipe fittings and PEX tubing or multilayer pipe coils also come in a range of different sizes and lengths to meet your particular needs.

Our gas PEX pipe coils are Watermark Certified and fully compliant with AS4176.8-2010 while our water PEX pipe coils are also Watermark Certified and fully compliant with AS2492-2007. Our PEX pipes also come with a 25-year lifetime warranty.