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PEX Pipe Coils

Explore The Full Range Of PEX Pipe Coils For All Of Your Plumbing Needs

At Forge Plumbing Australia, we’re pleased to supply a full range of PEX pipe coils for any plumbing installation. We have PEX piping suitable for gas, cold and hot water, rainwater and even recycled water.

Our PEX plastic pipe coils are available in a range of different colours to make it easier for plumbers to identify the type of pipe that they need for any plumbing system installation. 

How Gas PEX Pipe Differs From PEX Water Pipe

PEX pipes for gas installations are yellow in colour. They have a different composition from the PEX pipes that are used for water installation. Gas PEX pipes are comprised of five layers. The interior and exterior layers are made from polyethylene that is cross-linked. Between these layers is a layer of welded aluminium and these are all separated with layers of bonding adhesive. 

The advantages of using gas PEX pipe include a lower price point when compared to copper pipe and a more lightweight and flexible product that is easy and fast to install. All PEX tubing requires no welding and can simply be attached to a PEX fitting using a crimp ring and a crimping tool.

Discover The Full Range Of PEX Pipe At Forge Plumbing

Forge Plumbing is your one-stop shop for the full range of PEX tube for gas and water installations including:

  • Gas pipe - yellow, available in 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm widths
  • PEX piping for hot water supply - red 
  • PEX pipe for cold water- black, available in 16mm, 20mm and 25mm widths
  • PEX tubing for rainwater including potable water and drinking water - green
  • PEX pipes for recycled water - purple

All of our PEX pipes are Watermark certified. Our PEX gas pipe coils comply with Australian Standard AS4176.8-2010 and our PEX water pipe coils comply with Australian Standard AS2492-2007. Plus, all of our PEX pipe coils carry a 25-year lifetime warranty.