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Backflow Valves

Check Out Our Range Of Backflow Valves For Your Next Plumbing Job

A backflow prevention valve is designed to stop water from flowing backwards in specific plumbing installations. Backflow valves ensure that a home’s drinking water is not contaminated with grey water.

Also known as check valves, our backflow prevention valves are one-way valves that stop any reverse flow of fluid. Backflow preventer valves can be used in various applications including for water, corrosive fluids and also gas.

We Offer 4 Different Types Of Backflow Prevention Valves

To help with any plumbing installation, we’re pleased to offer 4 different types of backflow preventer valves.

Check Valve

Our check valves are suitable for both horizontal and vertical installations and feature a high-flow design. They are available in 15mm, 20mm and 25mm sizes and they are Watermark Approved. 

Dual Check Valve

Dual check valves are ideal for use in low-hazard conditions and their main aim is to stop potable water from mixing with contaminated water. A dual check valve is ideal for use in domestic meter connections and rainwater tank systems.

Dual check valves are available in a range of sizes from 15mm up to 50mm. We also have mini dual check valves in brass or chrome and in sizes ranging from 15mm to 20mm. 

Reduced Pressure Zone Valve

Reduced pressure zone valves are commonly used in high-hazard installations where a significant health hazard may exist. They protect against back siphonage and back pressure of non-potable or polluted water into the clean water supply.

Reduced pressure zone valves are available in a range of sizes from 15mm to 50mm and they feature lockable ball valves and a Y-strainer.

Vacuum Breaker

Our brass and chrome vacuum breakers are ideal for use with drinking water as well as natural and LP gas. All of our vacuum breakers are fully compliant with AS3688 and are Watermark approved.

Both our brass and chrome vacuum breakers are available in 15mm and 20mm sizes.

All of our backflow prevention valves are from Watts. This is an industry-standard brand and all our backflow valves bear the Watermark approval standard.