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Pressure Reducing Valves

Choose The Correct Pressure Reducing Valve To Preserve The Integrity Of The Water Systems That You Install

Water pressure reducing valves serve two primary functions. Their first function is to reduce the inlet pressure that is coming into the property from the water mains. This helps to reduce wear and tear on the pipes and stops them from becoming damaged by a water pressure that is too high.

The second function of pressure reducing valves is to control the outlet pressure. This ensures a constant pressure of water through the pipes into the home. It means that all appliances connected to the pipes can be operated in a safe and consistent manner.

We Have A Wide Range Of Different Pressure Reducing Valves

There are different types of pressure reducing valves that are designed for different purposes.

Boundary Pressure Reducing Valves

A boundary valve has a fixed outlet pressure of 500KPa. Boundary valves limit the water pressure coming into a property from the water mains, thus protecting the pipes from undue pressure.

Adjustable Pressure Limiting Valve

Adjustable valves can have their output pressure adjusted from 150 to 600KPa depending on the needs of the plumbing system.

Triset Selectable Pressure Reducing Valve

A triset pressure valve has the option of three different output pressure settings - 350KPa, 500KPa and 600KPa.

Boundary Ball Pressure Reducing Valve

Like boundary valves, a boundary ball valve has a fixed output pressure of 500KPa. This type of valve is designed for installation at the wall of a building to control the pressure that flows into the pipes of the building itself. The valve also offers a convenient way to turn off the water to the building without having to find the water meter tap somewhere outside.

Select From Our Range Of Quality Pressure Reducing Valves

At Forge Plumbing, we have a comprehensive range of pressure reducing valve fittings to suit your needs and meet the Australian Standard requirements. These include:

  • 20mm boundary valves
  • 20mm Adjustable valves including right angle and comp right angle valves
  • 20mm boundary ball valves
  • 15mm AVG triset valves 
  • 15mm AVG Adjustable flow rate valves from 250kPa to 600kPa

Don’t forget that if you need help with your order, you can contact our experienced customer service team with any questions that you may have or for further information.