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Water Ball Valves

Check Out Our Range Of Water Ball Valves For Your Next Plumbing Application

A ball valve is designed to stop or start the flow of water when needed. Our products offer a simple design and require very little maintenance once installed. Plus, our products are designed to last for many years.

Inside each valve body, there’s a ball that can facilitate a quarter turn or 90 degree turn to control the flow of the water supply.  This is a highly efficient way to easily control the flow of water whenever it is needed in a range of plumbing systems including industrial applications.

Explore Our Wide Product Range Of Ball Valves Suitable For Water Use

All of our ball valves suitable for water applications are Watermark approved and come with the Forge 25 Year Lifetime warranty. Our wide range of products includes:

  • Water ball valve with an FI lever handle in sizes from I5mm to 50mm. It’s made from nickel-plated DZR brass and has a ‘blow proof’ spindle. This product also features full-bore internals.
  • Copper Press ball valve with an FI lever handle in sizes from I5mm to 25mm. 
  • Ball valve with an FI butterfly handle in sizes from I5mm to 25mm.
  • Loose nut ball valve with a CU compression butterfly handle.
  • Right angle meter or boundary ball valve. 
  • Loose nut ball valve with FI butterfly handle
  • Brass gate ball valve fitting in sizes from 15mm to 50mm

All of our water ball valves comply with Australian Standards AS3500 and are suitable for use with drinking water systems as well as non-potable water applications. 

Our ball valve fittings include standard male-to-female and female-to-female connections as well as a press fit connection. 

For more information, contact our customer service team who will happily assist you with your question.