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Ball Valves

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Whether You Need A Water Ball Valve Or A Gas Ball Valve, Forge Got You Covered

A ball valve is a shut off valve that is designed to regulate the flow of either water or gas. Inside the valve body of each ball valve, there is a rotating ball that is controlled by the turn of a handle. 

The ball has a quarter turn or 90 degree turn to either allow or stop the flow of liquid or gas. In the open position, fluid is allowed to flow through while in the closed position, the flow of liquid or gas is stopped.

One advantage of ball valves is their simple and effective design and the fact that they need less maintenance than many other types of valves. A ball valve is also easy to take apart and repair and any parts that need to be replaced are not expensive. 

Do You Need A Water Ball Valve Or A Gas Ball Valve?

Whether you need a water ball valve or a gas ball valve, we will have your required fittings in stock in brass, copper press or stainless steel for any plumbing connection.

Our brass, copper press and stainless steel water ball valves are Watermarked approved and can be used for both hot and cold water in a wide range of temperatures. We have various styles including water ball valves with FI or press-fit lever handles and water ball valves with butterfly handles.

Our brass, stainless steel and copper press gas ball valves are AGA approved and will operate in a range of temperatures from minus 20 to I00 degrees Celsius. Our gas ball valves also come in a range of styles including those with FI lever handles or with butterfly handles.

A Wide Range Of Sizes Available In Control Valves And Gate Valves For Both Gas And Water Applications

In order to meet all your particular plumbing needs, our water and gas ball valves come in a range of different sizes. These range from 15mm to 50mm. Plus, each brass ball valve, copper press control valve or stainless steel ball valve comes with the Forge 25 Year Lifetime warranty.

So, take advantage of our free delivery and helpful customer service next time you need to purchase ball valves for your plumbing applications.